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Helping Executives and Owners Reshape Themselves within Their Business




Many working professionals and business owners are experts at their trade and the services they provide, but lack the same level of expertise in Business Management - that is where I come in.

As a professional business coach and consultant, I connect weekly with business owners and agents from companies ranging from start-ups to established companies for over 35+ years. Be it networking, referrals, individual coaching or targeted consulting, I strive to create a priceless impact for all of my clients.



Jon Roth, IAR

Regional Vice President

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jacob as a strategic partner for about a year now. He is a master of building relationships and can connect with anyone from attorneys, doctors, advisors and lenders to roofers, painters and tradesmen. Over this time frame Jacob has proved himself invaluable as a referral partner and played an important role in us hitting production goals, earning promotions and building an environment others would want to be a part of...


As you can tell, I certainly think highly of Jacob and would consider him a great addition to any

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